Friday, November 20, 2009

Tiada Kerjaan

It's a boring day and i have run out of things to do so i just had the idea to tampal bunga-bunga stickers on my bedroom door..yes!


ada checklist for the day

Everyday in the morning while i was still sleeping, kak lang will leave me a note on what to do for the day before she went to school..and here's a note that she left today.

1. tutup current nasi
2. mintak maktok tolong sign borang jawapan atas meja dekat tingkap
3. drain baju dlm washing machine pastu baru letak softener
4. byr bill2 yg tertunggak, hari ni jugak..wajib
5. cari remote tv
Slmt menjalankan tugas dgn penuh keikhlasan.

Amboi amboi amboi budak nii..
well im suppose to be the eldest but look who's being the 'kakak' now.. ahah..
when will i learn to think for quite ashamed of myself having a younger sister who is more responsible and smarter than i am..sometimes i just can't believe that im already 20..huhh..enough said.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Exam is finally over!!

Glad im done with that.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Selamat berangkat Umi,Ayah,Kikib

i've always thought that i won't be this sad but yeah, im only i am the eldest, i was left with a lot of advices from umi and ayah..''kakak jaga adik baik2 tau'', ''janji jangan tinggal solat'', kakak this kakak dan sebagainye..ahah..i guess i will be missing them a lah, they'll be gone for 50 days..i will always pray that they'll have a safe and peaceful journey.

Selamat berangkat umi ayah and kikib dan semoga mendapat haji yang mabrur.

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