Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I heard we are not only moving to Nilai
We are moving to Janda Baik,Pahang after that.WTH!

Best Pals Meet Again!

I phoned Idayu as I was bored to death..Then we got the idea to go out to KLCC of course..Suddenly Zue text me and ask if I am free and if i could go out with her and Hajar..Oh yess!.I told her my plans to go out with Idayu and they agreed to join..

We went to see APARTMENT 1303..It was a movie about ladies killing themselves by jumping from the 13th floor..Hahaha..They say its a horror movie..What?!.It was more like a sick comedy movie..Anyway,it was worth it..

After the movie we went Shopping!..haa,bought presents for Zue's becoming birthday..Got back home at 9.30pm..kene marah ngn maktok sbb balek lambat!.ahah..It was fun though..

Hope to see you guys again!..Thanks for a great day..Love you!

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