Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy 48th Ayah!

Class starts at 11.30 today,Sciences of Quran and at 12 theres a mass gathering for masscomm. my class ends at 1pm and how am i suppose to attend the mass gath at 12?.
knp tah buat time orang class..its impossible to miss Dr.Israr's class because everything he's gonna talk about seems so important..
On the other hand,im planning on minoring masscomm so i have to know whats going on at the gath..ish!.
oh,but thats not the story of the day..tu mukadimah je..hehe.

ok heres the story. i was at the library in the morning with Aj and there i was sitting at level 4 reading on Abdullah Yusuf Ali when i suddenly happen to realise that it was the 12th of August.AYAH'S BIRTHDAY!!..and i've forgotten to wish him last night.i was suppose to be the first one to wish him but i've forgotten..thinking of not wanting to be terrible daughter who forgets her father's birthday, i grabbed the phone and start texting him..as i was in the library i couldnt possibly call and shout happy birthday.and so i wrote 'Happy birthday ayah!.semoga pjg umur dan murah rezeki..2 years left till u reach the five-0.love u.xoxo..'
phewwh, lega..konon sebab takut lupa lah g wish cepat2 tu..
then i felt strange for a while and asked Aj what was the date for today..then she answered 11th..i checked the calender and it really happens to be the 11th of August and the message i sent has already been delivered!!.oh my!..how embarrassing..i was just thinking of not wanting to be a terrible daughter and i just wished my father happy birthday on the wrong day..ok,i waited to see what ayah has to reply..then i received an sms from ayah saying 'Try again tomorrow ok' followed by an sms from umi saying 'ha ha esok lah'.

ha ha kyra!
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