Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sweet 20 Potato

Happy new year everyone!!woohoo its 2009 already!..yeay!oh hell yeah its a new this 2009 i'll be turning 20!.for some mmg la jenis cam wah!.aku da besar!.oh,to me 'hey,in any time im gonna lose all my hair'..haha.well i can count 20 with all my fingers right now but what if its 21 or 22?.i cant count that with my fingers!!.arghhhhhh..its true how age can kill girls..i wanna be forever 19!!anyway im suppose to be celebrating my last 'teen' with my bestest friends ever but i wasn't allowed to go just because i am treated like a 2 year old at home..its just one night but they are called 'parents'..arghh,im so gonna get punished for writing this..i had to go back home alone bcos we have to go saperate ways as i was 'not allowed' to join them. then i waited at the terminal putra alone for a long time until i called my parents to come pick me up..while i was waiting i just felt like wailing and was yelling sickens all the time..i phoned a friend and i felt a lot better afterwards..and i spent the whole night in my room not to mention 'ALONE' while everybody's out there with their friends..devastating..enough said.


Wishing 12 months of Happiness, 52 weeks of Love,365 days of Success,8760 hours of Good Health 525600 minutes of Prosperity and 3153600 seconds of Peace and Harmony.
Abundant in 2009.
-Happy New Year-
p.s: goodbye teen to kayra.
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