Friday, September 25, 2009

Tiada kerja

well obviously i have a lot to do tapi at the back of my mind the word 'MALAS' came up over and over and over again so stop lah buat homework sekejap and pegi bazir masa..yes!
found selendang in the closet and main lilit2..ahah..



today is friday and im here at home typing whatever im typing and its 10.54 in the morning and i haven't bath yet and not to mention im fasting (: and this is my first day of fasting the puasa enam and i have poetry class on monday and i have to submit an essay on matthew arnold's dover beach which i haven't even started doing yet and i have masscomm's 2nd midterm next thursday and i haven't even touched any of the notes and im freaking out at the moment because i haven't started doing anything till today but i still can crap about it and so on and so forth like mdm adibah used to say and i think i should start to get to work right away.


Saturday, September 19, 2009


Tomorrow's hari raya so i wish u all a Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin..
forgive me for all my wrong doings towards any of you and sorry if i've offended any of you in any way..
have a safe and happy raya..

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Surat Untukmu Jemier

okay..i did this to jihan's toe and i am really really really really really sorry and i feel like a bad person right now..but i swear it wasn't jihan, i don't mind if u do this to my toe okay but not intentionally too lah..hehe..
sayaanggg jihan..

Monday, September 7, 2009

cerita seringgit

hi..its been so long since i've posted anything..kinda busy lately and i've lost connection with the internet for a while..well there are loads to tell but it's beyond my capacity to remember every single thing lah kan..and ada lah cerita yg nk nk diceritakan here goes

my mind has been away this where? haa itulah yang kite tak tau..and yes i did a lot of embarrasing things including crapping and falling and stuttering but not deliberately lah..tough weekend but i could still laugh about it after all of the incident which puts me to a continuos embarrasment was when i went out to buy a pair of pants with j on saturday..and so i tried on some pants, finally chose one, and went to the cashier to pay..i know i had rm50 in the purse and so i took it out.tengah2 cashier tu dok scan pricetag tu sume j suddenly asked how much was the pants. i didnt know the exact price but i know its not over rm50 sbb bukannnye beli seluar topshop ke ape kan.and so i wondered why'd she asked..then i handed the rm50 note to the the cashier..and orang cashier ni pulak macam aneh2 je taknak amek duit tu..and so i kept on 'huluring' the money to the cashier until j told me to look at the money......beyond my expectancy, i was actually holding an RM 1 note in my hand! wonder j asked how much was the pants..takkan lah seringgit kot embarrasingg!..the cashier was laughing her ass out along with j lah..duhh.(tak sah kalau j tak gelak okay..ahah)..patut lah org cashier tu macam aneh je..rupanye die pun terkejut tengok aku nk nk bagi seringgit je kat die..and so sbb nak cover malu, i said ''oh i nak derma lah seringgit ni'' because i saw a tabung with a few seringgits in it.haha..the cashier was still laughing and said 'takpe lah dik, da biasa dah customer mcm ni'..kononnye nak nak jaga hati customer lah tu.ish.nevermind..they will never stop laughing will they? then i walked away from the counter with the word 'abashed' written all over my face..
enough said..

ps; i am never going to jusco one utama everr againn!
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