Saturday, December 1, 2007

first day at Nilai Satelite Campus

sangat menyedihkan!.I hate it at Nilai campus.satelite lah sangat!.non of my roomates are my friend.not even one!.I hadn't talked to anyone of them as I don't even know friends in my room.well,it's kind of a dorm because it fits 20 people in it..

why the hell do i have to be here.
that evening my ex-roomate Kinah visited me.I was happy for just that while.we talked and talked.then she invited me to her room.huhh!,most of her dormates are her friends.yg aku ni,satu ekor kat bilik aku tu pon aku xknal.

we went to moon's,farah's, dorm..bestnye dpt jmpe mereka.

before maghrib prayer was the first time i ever stepped into the so called 'toilet'.
XDE PAIP WEH!!..we had to use the gayung to use the jamban.the worse part was I didnt bring the gayung and had to borrow it from one of my dormates which i didn't even know what her name is.thank you anyway..then I went to the bathing room.shower die xde air!.aku da lah tgh bau mcm kambing ni!.so i opened the paip that was in the bathingroom..
ingat boleh lah takung air but the water pressure was disappointing!.dammit.there was just little water coming out..bodoh!xgune!.oh now i know how hell feels like!..I cried in the toilet.hey i'm suffering people..nk dekat satu jam lbh lah agak aku dlm toilet tu tunggu air!.i swear i felt like going home and quit my studies that moment.

i phoned my sister and i was yelling sickens and am running out of curses.i hate it there!
that night my friend Aiman text me and asked me out to get food.yeah!anything so i could get out of this hell!
Aiman waited infront of my mahallah gate at 8.30 and we went to block B.i didn't talk much as i was stressed out and didn't want to be asked of how my day was.we walked until we reached a was wierd that no one was eating.there were no food on their tables.we thought that they were busy watching juara lagu until they forgot to order their we just sat until we saw the waiter.we called him and he said 'sorry dik,makanan da habis'.huhh! ni tempat makan ke ape.only Allah knows how angry i was.i felt like throwing the chairs and nk terbalikkan meja.sabar khairah.Aiman and i was damn hungry.then,i suggested that we just go and buy roti.roti pon roti lah.aku da la x makan dari pagi.we chatted until 10.1,said goodbye and went back to our own mahallah.when i arrived at the mahallah gate,the abang guard closed the gate and made a stupid face.shit off lah weh!.mane lah aku tau gate tutup pukul 10.then the nice makcik guard opened the gate ang told me nicely that the gate closes at 10 starting from that day..thank you makcik..saw some of my former classmates before i went upstairs.said hello shake,shake,kiss,kiss then blah!.not in the mood to chit chat about a lousy day..then,i saw kinah and wanie(former roomates),they forced me to join them and i told them about my sick day.burst into tears.yeah!.aku memang mengada-ngada.also told them how i feel and how bad i want to quit from studying in CENfos Nilai.they gave me some advice and i was still in tears.that night before going to bed,i sent a message which says' yes syg' to atiqah j which is actually for someone else..what a bad day!..
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