Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sweet 20 Potato

Happy new year everyone!!woohoo its 2009 already!..yeay!oh hell yeah its a new this 2009 i'll be turning 20!.for some mmg la jenis cam wah!.aku da besar!.oh,to me 'hey,in any time im gonna lose all my hair'..haha.well i can count 20 with all my fingers right now but what if its 21 or 22?.i cant count that with my fingers!!.arghhhhhh..its true how age can kill girls..i wanna be forever 19!!anyway im suppose to be celebrating my last 'teen' with my bestest friends ever but i wasn't allowed to go just because i am treated like a 2 year old at home..its just one night but they are called 'parents'..arghh,im so gonna get punished for writing this..i had to go back home alone bcos we have to go saperate ways as i was 'not allowed' to join them. then i waited at the terminal putra alone for a long time until i called my parents to come pick me up..while i was waiting i just felt like wailing and was yelling sickens all the time..i phoned a friend and i felt a lot better afterwards..and i spent the whole night in my room not to mention 'ALONE' while everybody's out there with their friends..devastating..enough said.


Wishing 12 months of Happiness, 52 weeks of Love,365 days of Success,8760 hours of Good Health 525600 minutes of Prosperity and 3153600 seconds of Peace and Harmony.
Abundant in 2009.
-Happy New Year-
p.s: goodbye teen to kayra.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Finally i'm back in nilai..miss all my friends so much..getting to see their faces makes me really happy..and finally got my results..i got 3 B's which is for drama,oral comm and hs and a C+ for grammar..menyemak je satu C tu..tak cantik da result slip..hehe..i have to do better after this..
wish me luck..

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


results are out after 5pm today but i didn't get to see my result..Taik btol is stated there that i have debts with the mahallah..FINE! i got compounded for not handing my overnight card in the middle of the semester but i've already gone to see the mahallah principal to settle it.She told me not to pay anything bcos its just a lame warning letter and its settled..huhh!,UIA's system.There must be a mistake..arghhhhhhhhhhhh!!..i hate this..pasal tak hantar overnight card lopek tu pn nak nak compound hebat sgt ke card if i did a crime smpaikan result suspended..I'm extremely pissed off right now..blah!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Counting down the days to go back to FORGODSAKEN nilai.

omg its almost 2am and im still searching for food!
(owh,the disadvantage of staying home.)duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

17th October 2008

Cfs Nilai Raya Gathering.

My Abila.


With Shazana.
Ewah2,jenny bergambar dgn MB ey..



I spotted this guy & he was wearing his hat that day & figured out maybe he wears that on eid in his country.hehe.

The brothers..

The Menteri Besar of Negeri Sembilan

The rector of iium giving his speech


along in pink..a big WOW!

Dapat jugakk beraya dgn korangg..ilygsm!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A moment with them at McDonalds

i'm lovin' it.

Happy happy 1.!

The Along

Happy happy 2.!


The taxi's coming!!..SNAP!

.Goodbye Days.

With the most coolest people EVER!..u guys rock!

3 Dara perasan..ahah.

Cah comel & Kayra comot


Along,Tasha & the Musyrifah-Paan.


me,Dyrah,Along,Farah & Abila.=]

tasha,farah & them so much..

MUET 08.

ini farah..kayra sayaangg farah blubangg..=p

Tasha uk alohh..hehe.

Farah & Balqis

Abila & Adila.

Along kuh..

Kayra sayaaangg jenny..x0x0.

My AJ.!i'm gonna miss u.

bye2 farahh!!.see u in gombak..ily!.x0x0


As we go on, we remember
All the times we had together
And as our lives change, come whatever

Thursday, October 23, 2008


END OF SEMESTER 1 (2008/2009).yeay!!
i've survived another one semester in nilai campus..woohoo!!
gonna miss u guys.=(

i'm suppose to be saying 'goodbye nilai' and 'hello gombak'..but yeah,i've got another extended semester to go..=(.......but never mind all that because i still have some of my close friends with me next semester so i'm more than happy enough to be staying..=]

To all my graduating friends: Goodluck guys. i will be missing u.eventhough u guys are not around i'll always keep u in mind and don't forget that this is not the end of our friendship..we will be seeing each other again ok..wait for me in gombak campus..
it's been long since i ever posted something kn..
well,i have lost contact with the internet for a while..ahah..
so here i am posting..
boring deh..
nk nk mkn ah..bye.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

sad news

A family member died yesterday..
He left a wife,a 40 days old son and of course the family..


Thursday, April 3, 2008


Name 8 people you are thinking about right now

4)Atiqa J

where did you first met no.1?

-E 3-7

what was your first expression about no.8?

- his hair looks like mat rempit.=)

you found out that no.4 likes you.what would you do?

-say thank u!..woo..=]

no. 7 is gay/les..would you still keep him/her as ur friend?

-it depends on how gay he is..

you found out that ur bf / gf cheated on u. no. 3 told u so.would you believe her?

-she's a joker..&i don't have a boyfriend.!

you told no. 2 that you would keep a promise. but u broke the promise & his/her heart.what would you do?


you like someone who loves no. 5.would you still have feelings for him/her?

-of course NO!

Out of all those friends [above]:
Name ONE;

most caring



.they are all normal OK!

.JASMINE again

most beloved


best hangin out with

who cries whenever u cry

most handsome

From the name list;

who is your bestfriend ?

who would you choose for your bridemaid/bestman?

who would tou like to go shopping with?
-Atiqa J


who would you play sport with?

who would you take with on a deserted island?

Well that was a bore..but i love the last question.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

No pain , No gain!

i figured out that i was wrong treating myself like doesn't mean that i flunked 2 subjects its the end of the world..i got to get over it somehow..
i've realised that there is no success without hardship..well,its my silly fault i flunked..its because i didn't work hard enough..well,if we wish to enjoy pleasures,we must also endure it or not, we cannot have one without the other..we'll find all things are difficult before they are easy and the greater the obstacles, the more glory in overcoming them.i've also realised that i have to go through the negative before i get to the positive..
No pain, no gain..No thorns, no throne.No cross, no crown..ahah..&& i have also learnt that i should be nicer to myself..thanks ruki!.
yeah! dumb kayra anymore!..i can do better than this.
now i have new missions to accomplish for semester 3..hopefully next semester would be my last semester at CENfos..

i'll pray for my success and everybody's..


today,i found out more bad news..
i flunked english reading in i have to repeat 2 subjects for next semester..what more to come..
i try to accept this as best i can..but i keep on thinking that im just plain dumb..i know im not suppose to say that to myself..but its just depressing for me to have to accept this failure..
i feel like i don't want to be around anybody anymore..i know im not making things better,im hurting myself..
so far i didn't do anything.i did not even eat..i know its not the end of the world but i am sooo depressed at the moment..

Monday, March 31, 2008




Final results are out..i feel really stupid right now..
here goes,
i got no A's..I got B for Poetry,Btq,Arabic and English..a B- for Irk and a big fat C for BMW..
and here comes the worst part..I got a D for linguistics.fuck!

i've always loved linguistics..i never missed a class..i also admire my lecturer's sense of fashion.(uhh,ok that is mean)..but she gave me a D..never i had a D..thank you ever so much for the D and now i have to repeat your subject..happy me!(NOT) assignment which carries a lot of marks had been rejected that definately affected my i thought that if the assignment hadn't been rejected i would have passed the subject or i'm just plain stupid..enough said..blah.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bingkisan hati L ee (special post)

Dalam bilik E-2-7..

9 mac 2oo8 (sunday)

2.13 p.m

nana tengah ikat kain telekong..
yana ngan jannah tengah carik gule2..
laila tengah tengok aku menaip cite budak bilik..
jihan ngan fatin tengah blaja FIM kot..(semangat seyh!)
min tengah solat zohor..(rakaat keberapa xtau)
meah ngan nisa' tengah berbual..(bincang masalah negare gaknye)
nadia ngan jamilah macam biase x dapat dikenal pasti...(misi sulit negara)
jawahir tengah lepak atas katil..(die exam td)
jue pon xtau mane pergi...
kyra pemilik laptop tengah dok atas katil membace FIM..(lagi sorg y bersemangat!)
ieja pulak?..mane die??macam biase la beb..stadi..

nana da solat..
ops..alhamdulillah..min pon da abes solat..die tengah berwirid nampaknye...Allahu Akbar!
yana tengah potong kuku..ketup ketip ketop ketap..
nisa' tengah menyikat rambut..bak kate bahase melayu lame..menyisir rambut..
meah tengah menghafal..(ops! ke menyanyi?)
nadia baru masuk bilik!!!pade pukol 2.40 petang...

+aku x mandi lagi...persoalannye..(siapekah AKU?)..hehehe

dulu memule aku rase bilik ni la paling bukan paling mesra..
tapi sekarang...
mungkin paling kotor (aku la penyumbang tebesar!) mesra..ceria..dan bermakne.. :)
disebabkan aku penyumbang terbesar sampah..maksudnye akulah penyumbang terbesar keceriaan disini!!wahahahaha...logik x?

pelik pon ade..dah nak abes sem baru nak rapat..hehehe..(pelik ek?)
tapi tu la fitrah lumrah dunie beb...
sesuatu bende tu kite hanye akan sengat menghargainye bile sampai saat kite akan kehilangannya..

kyra kate die nak jd writer..Aminnnn~~~
laila nak jadi cikgu insyaAllah...
(mane aku tau semue ni?) la hasil taaruf circle pas maghrib aritu..
good idea wasn't it?
kyra da macam tok bomoh da skang..kenape die jadi macam tu??
sebab..mase malam main cap kali cap tu..
die da kene rasuk ngan hantu Pan's Labyrinth..
kalau nak tengok betapa dasat die kene rasuk..
ade bukti dalam enset min..
hahahaha..memang bapak segala bomoh la..
kalah degawan..hahaha..

semalam..10 mac 2008..
kitorang ramai2 makan kat mak aya..
tapi due orang x join..
jawahir ngan jamilah..
ai budak double J ni..
semalam happening jugak..(tapi lagi happening kat dalam bilik)

kat dalam bilik ni...
ade bilik jamming...rock beb!!good combination...
spa ade rawatan telur ngan sauna..bukan sume join sebb time tu ramai membe balik..
salon..jihan la pengasas die..pelanggan die pon boleh tahan ramai..
min ngan jenny..(lebih due org kire ramai la tu kan? :p)
tapi paling best among the best ni..
sume join..(bukan sume pon majority)
nestum dijadikan maracas..baldi ataupun timba bak kate kyra dijadikan gendang..tupperware fatin aku wat siot!!!
lagu y kite nyanyi..lagu intifadha..rasulullah dan sebagainya...
yang bestnye..min nyanyi lagu intifadhakan..die nyanyi part yang..

"KENCANG meredah maya, hanya untuk die"

memule die nyanyi kencang kepada:
1. gendang
2. kentang

alamak..aku ejek orang..aku pon ade salah nyanyi gak..part yang..

"semerbak harum bingkisan AN-NUR"

tapi aku lepak jek..tertukar an-nur kepda:
1. anggur

wahahaha...waa...aku da xde idea..sume orang pon dok lepak study jek..aku pon nak study gak..
till then...see you!! ;D

12 Mac 2008 Wednesday

12.22 p.m

Assalamualaikum..bertemu lagi..hak3
sekarang min tengah duduk sebelah aku..sebelah die ade laila..
sebelah laila ade jannah..sebelah ade jayhan..(sebelah J ade J?)
sebelah double J ade fatin..pastu kyra..(kyra nga lepak ngan kawan2 die..wat aksi pelik cam biase)

hari ni kyra ade masalah untuk mengatasi cara gelak beliau y dasat..
she keep on saying.."aku da xnak gelak la" kemudian disusuli dengan gelak beliau yang sedemikian rupe (mcm biase la tu maknenye)..

kitorg baru je lepas exam BTQ..pergh..susah ke senang pon aku tatau..
ops! iklan2...result spm kua arini beb!! (adik kyra..nisa' ngan fatin y terlibat)
haa...sambung psl BTQ td la kan..alhamdulillah...topik spot most keluar...
tapi ade masalah jugak..sebab ade satu ayat y kitorg x hapal!!(meah ofcoz xde masalah!pergh!thats why i hate her..hahaha)
thanx la bebyk kat haris sbb sudi menyumbang suare die untuk membacekan ayat2 alquran..(boleh tahan la sore tercabar ni!haha)
yang best tu kan..soklan essay die tanye psl characteristic of Ibadur Rahman..(siot!seb baik kitorg sume hafal!)hehe..

aha...min tengah pakai enset aku..die kate die nak sms junior die..tanye pasal spm result la kot..
pergh...sume orang nga lepak baring2..(penat kot perah otak utk BTQ)...hahaha..poyo la korang ni!!
laila berkata "suasana bilik yang suram membuatkan orang nak tido balik~"
ele..bilik suram x suram la..ko nak tido salahkan kadar pengcahayaan bilik pulak ek...kah3..(ala kidding2)
esok aku kyra meah ngan laila ade exam core course..(ade lagi rasenye tpi aku xtau..sowi dude!)
haa...ieja ade exam Math petang ni..

nak tau x..??diorg tengah dgr lagu sedih...nak tau lagu ape???
lagu yang dinyanyikan oleh seorang lelaki yang bakal menghadapi hukuman gantung mandatori..
y???ape y die buat sampai nak kene gantung ni??? you know what..
he killed his ex-gf n her former BF...(the dispute arose: whether that girl deserves to be killed or not?)
the answer is ofcoz no..(kalau aku aku x bunuh..tapi aku suruh playboy ngorat die pastu tglkan die..hehe)
ops!! revenge is not good for your health...

ok...dah2..cukup mengarot..balik cerite pasal bilik plk..

skang fatin nga kemas barang...(macm nak balik esok weh!!!!)..geram aku!!
hahaha..xpe..maafkan die..orang xde short-sem la katekan..semangat nak berholiday 3 bulan..
pergh..sume da pk bosan2 dok umah 3 bulan x wat ape..
tapi kalo aku la dapat cuti 3 bulan tu..
aku masuk kelas english..pastu keje skali..hik3..(ade ke orang nak gaji aku?? T_T)
aiseh...jihan da tido lepak2 atas overlaped-bed..hahaha..
yana dok diam je dari tadi..asal eh??effect tgk titanic kot.. nak cite sket ni..semalam jannah fatin yana ngan nana..
bersatu padu tengok cite jiwang kapal tu..
dan2 je part aku tengok tu..nga dialog:

"U Jump I Jump"

wahahahaha..oyeah..kawan kyra da balik..

aku bukan xnak cite psl meah ngan nisa' aku x nampak diorg watpe..hehe..sebb tu aku xdpt nak cite..kih3
oyeahh...fatin nga ketok2 tupperware kuarkan lebihan susu tepung die.. masalah si fatin ni..ade ke minum susu tabuh gule!!!aish!!geram aku minah ni...
sebb tu aku pgl die minah buah pinggang hijau..

Sunday, March 16, 2008

dinner oh dinner

10th March 2008.Dinner at Mak Aya,Bandar Baru Nilai.


jay wouldn't look at the camera!

the new mak aya cashier.=p

the Mushrifah.Kak Meah

mimeen from Sabah & nisa from Puchong

the two graduating students in E2-7.and they are 18 this year.yana from Muar,Johor & ieja from Kajang. (Econs)

Liyana Sanusi from kajang

Nisa,nana from Ampang & laila

Meah & Lee.besties!

Lee with kakak mak aya.haha

food's finished

Kak Meah from Cheras & Nadia from Baling,Kedah

Fatin from Kodiang,Kedah & Janna from Tmn Melawati

Me & Sa'adah from Seremban

Jawahhir & Jamilah could not make it to the dinner at Mak Aya due to preparing for exam.

Names of E 2-7 residents

Jamengaton Bt.A.Latif (Law) Lailatussa'adah Bt.Mohd Johari (Economics) Jasmine Bt.Jubilin (Bachelor of English Language) Jihan Bt.Jamaludin(Bachelor of English Language) Jannatun Niza Bt.Zainol (Econs) Liyana Bt.Sanusi (Law) Liyana Bt.Azizi (Human Sciences) Liyana Bt.Abd Karim (Economics) Ku Fatin Azirah Bt.Ku Yahya (Law) Khairunnisa Bt.Bohari (Bachelor of Arabic Language) Khadijah Bt.Abdurrahman (Economics) Khairul Nadia Bt.Sahimi (Bachelor of Arabic Language) Juliana Bt.Abdullah (Human Sciences) Jamilah Bt.Nordin (Bachelor of Arabic Language) Jawahhir Qurratu' Ain Bt.Abdullah (Human Sciences) Khairah Nadhirah Bt.Karim (Bachelor of English Language)
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