Thursday, April 3, 2008


Name 8 people you are thinking about right now

4)Atiqa J

where did you first met no.1?

-E 3-7

what was your first expression about no.8?

- his hair looks like mat rempit.=)

you found out that no.4 likes you.what would you do?

-say thank u!..woo..=]

no. 7 is gay/les..would you still keep him/her as ur friend?

-it depends on how gay he is..

you found out that ur bf / gf cheated on u. no. 3 told u so.would you believe her?

-she's a joker..&i don't have a boyfriend.!

you told no. 2 that you would keep a promise. but u broke the promise & his/her heart.what would you do?


you like someone who loves no. 5.would you still have feelings for him/her?

-of course NO!

Out of all those friends [above]:
Name ONE;

most caring



.they are all normal OK!

.JASMINE again

most beloved


best hangin out with

who cries whenever u cry

most handsome

From the name list;

who is your bestfriend ?

who would you choose for your bridemaid/bestman?

who would tou like to go shopping with?
-Atiqa J


who would you play sport with?

who would you take with on a deserted island?

Well that was a bore..but i love the last question.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

No pain , No gain!

i figured out that i was wrong treating myself like doesn't mean that i flunked 2 subjects its the end of the world..i got to get over it somehow..
i've realised that there is no success without hardship..well,its my silly fault i flunked..its because i didn't work hard enough..well,if we wish to enjoy pleasures,we must also endure it or not, we cannot have one without the other..we'll find all things are difficult before they are easy and the greater the obstacles, the more glory in overcoming them.i've also realised that i have to go through the negative before i get to the positive..
No pain, no gain..No thorns, no throne.No cross, no crown..ahah..&& i have also learnt that i should be nicer to myself..thanks ruki!.
yeah! dumb kayra anymore!..i can do better than this.
now i have new missions to accomplish for semester 3..hopefully next semester would be my last semester at CENfos..

i'll pray for my success and everybody's..


today,i found out more bad news..
i flunked english reading in i have to repeat 2 subjects for next semester..what more to come..
i try to accept this as best i can..but i keep on thinking that im just plain dumb..i know im not suppose to say that to myself..but its just depressing for me to have to accept this failure..
i feel like i don't want to be around anybody anymore..i know im not making things better,im hurting myself..
so far i didn't do anything.i did not even eat..i know its not the end of the world but i am sooo depressed at the moment..
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