Monday, July 6, 2009


currently listening to lenka's the show.
its almost 2.30am and i just can't get myself to sleep yet..thank you to the people who invented the internet and astro.i'll die of boredom if these don't exist..
results will be out on the 7th so macam agak tak tenang lah kot..weh!.7th is only tomorrow!.ouh cuak dah ni..bertawakal je lah..i'll accept whatever i get..(uhh,pasrah)
tadi tgk cite i forgot what was the title..its about this couple..the girl is an 'islam' and the guy's father wouldn't let his son marry someone from the other religion so they planned an act so that the father will like the girl.its a funny movie lah..not a sad one..
oh and i also watched mentor 3..lah ahmad did the 'gelek' when he sang inul's dangdut was really awkward yet very funny..ahah.

ok,im going to make myself a cup of hot chocolate or whatever there is in the kitchen and watch tv i guess..
hopefully i'll get sleepy then..

Sunday, July 5, 2009


nazrin really likes to play knock-knock everytime he texts..
so here's a knock-knock joke for him

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Alex who?
Alexplain later.

hahaha..get it?? al explain later.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Gejala Mat Rempit

Mimynn phoned just now and she asked me about how to curb gejala 'mat rempit'..
asal klau mat rempit je muka aku jugak yg die ingat?.ekekeke..
so here's my idea about how to curb this social ill..
well,mat rempit issues are now comman in Malaysia has been one of the social ills that has to be curbed sbb mat rempit ni kan suka kacau orang.kot lah..pandai2 je i think this is the responsibility of the government to curb this mat rempit issue..the government has to take actions because this has to do with the safety of the people living in Malaysia..termasuklah saya ni haa..
ok, i think that plate numbers of motorcycles should be standardized and only the JPJ will have the authority to give out plate numbers and with that,it may decrease the number of fake plate numbers because susah lah kn nak nak tangkap si mat rempit tu klau dia guna fake plate number.
the government should also give out orders to limit the sales of automatic motorcycles only or low capacity ones..
oh,and road blocks should also be done by the FRU,PGA,Komando and every other officers that are responsible in this case lah..i only know those that i've mentioned je.hehe.
operations of arresting teenagers who are under age that are riding the motorcycles especially in house areas, villages or feldas pun should be done..
oh oh,and job opportunities for these mat rempits is also a way of curbing this social ill..when they have a job, they will probably forget about wasting time going out 'rempiting'..they'll spend most of their time earning money rather than going out annoying people on the addition,if they have a job,they will concentrate more on their time and may be too tired to even think about rempiting..tu pun klau mat rempit tu pandai nak nak pikir lah..

oh and i also asked ali about his view on how to curb this mat rempit thingy..
than he replied:
'pengharaman penjualan motor kepada peringkat umur 30 tahun ke bawah.'

yeah rite ali..
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